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Villa Sale Agreement

/Villa Sale Agreement

Villa Sale Agreement

Deeds of Ownership: You must examine the Instruments of Ownership, a critical document that deals with documents relating to the property before the deed of sale. RTC (Records of Rights and Tenancy Corps) or Mutation Extract are other legal documents that you should check with respect to ownership instruments. If the land status was previously an agricultural or fiscal country, if the authority concerned must issue a document on the transformation of the country into arable land. Ask to consult this document and verify its authenticity. If there are power of attorney documents related to the property, insist on seeing it. This is a crucial clause in a real estate sales contract. Many cases occur in which the buyer later discovers that the property was under mortgage or that it was related to a court decision or dispute. The seller must provide a clear guarantee that the property in question is free from charges (possible claims from the outside on the property) or seizure, and this should be reflected in the agreement. This clause includes the criminal procedure and defines the amount of money for non-compliance with the terms of the agreement. It is important to define the actions that constitute punishment. Article 14: Acceptance of the general conditions of sale and use of the site The customer or user expressly accepts the general conditions of sale and use The customer or user declares to be aware of them and waives any other document You confirm having read the following information and information – The essential characteristics of the products – Price of the product – Information on the identity of the company (postal, B. Telephone, electronic contact details) – Information on legal and contractual guarantees and their implementation procedures – The possibility of resorting to conventional mediation in the event of a dispute – Information on the right of withdrawal A sales contract is usually drawn up and signed after the buyer and seller have met and negotiated the conditions of sale and the buyer has paid the amount of the tokens to the seller (also called initial). For example, deposit or Earnest Money).

Please read the agreement carefully (as defined below) before using the site or placing an order, as this agreement infringes your rights and obligations. The mere use of the website and/or the abandonment of an order constitutes your knowledge and irrevocable consent to the contract. If you do not agree with any of these provisions, you do not have the right to use the site in whole or in part and/or to place an order….

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