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Uniform Guidance Cooperative Agreements

/Uniform Guidance Cooperative Agreements

Uniform Guidance Cooperative Agreements

Comment: The commenter noted that consistent public concerns arise with bureaucracy, or even government in general, focused on perceived accountability and efficiency, and this proposed rule provides a chance for accessibility and increases the overall effectiveness of the Agency. The commenter noted that (1) the amendments will cover a wide range of institutions and improve communication between the government and the institutions with which it interacts at all levels, and (2) this regulatory measure has the potential to give the grant process the much-needed consistency. The commentator also indicated that this regulatory measure would improve the efficiency of individuals trying to access information related to financial aid and the agreement by providing them with a central information platform. It will allow stakeholders to identify and use information more quickly and eliminate complications when sorting through multiple sources. The commentator also understood that while some may argue that the time it takes to centralize this process and communicate changes could increase problems in the short term, he is convinced that standardizing the entire process will produce positive long-term benefits. Uniform Guidance is a government framework for grant management and provides a set of binding rules and requirements for federal procurement. This is the basis on which the federal authorities draw up their policy of subsidies and cooperation agreements. (a) administrative arrangements. (1) The provisions of Parts 1126 to 1138 of the DoDGARs (2 CFR Parts 1126 to 1138, which include Sub-Chapter D of this Chapter) govern the administrative requirements to be included in the terms and conditions of New DoD Components grants and cooperation agreements, which are awarded to universities, non-profit organizations, states and local governments. and Indian tribes.

(a) 1. This Part sets out uniform administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal responsibilities to non-federal organizations, as described in section 200.101. Federal public bodies may not impose additional or inconsistent requirements unless provided for in paragraphs 200.102 and 200.211 or unless expressly prescribed by applicable federal law, regulation or order. . . .

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