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Scoreboard Sponsorship Agreement

/Scoreboard Sponsorship Agreement

Scoreboard Sponsorship Agreement

But first, you need a game plan. It is not overwhelming, it can be reached very easily with a small team of people. We list some of the areas you want to start. Once you start, you won`t believe the enthusiasm and creativity that will flourish for everyone in your group. Get an image or mockup from the scoreboard of your dreams: This will be used in presentations. If you are researching the purchase of an electronic dashboard for your school or team, you must first realize that the fundraising days are over and that we have entered the era of sponsorship. Yes, this means that you have the ability to plan, design and assemble a method to charge your electronic scoreboard 100%. Gather your sponsorship teams: consult your team on some long-term, short-term and variable advertising opportunities for your sponsors. Depending on the electronic bulletin board you receive, you should consider: streaming text, video, social media, smartphone and mobile app options, permanent and changing logo, display or jingles. They want to develop a pricing structure that can be attractive to large companies as well as small businesses and organizations. You can add additional promotional options with school or team-supported items, such as T-shirts, mugs, etc., that can be sold in-game for the greatest advertising opportunities. Assemble your marketing designs: Once you`ve selected sponsorship opportunities and prices, you set up a folding or folding folder that contains the options.

You also need to create either a PowerPoint or a video that can be played on a laptop for personal presentations. For large companies, if you have a graphic design assistant, they can overlay potential brand sponsors on a presentation, so it is immediately personal. Set a goal: you`ll already know what the electronic scoreboard and accessories cost. Set a time and dollar target to cover costs 100%. Get your accounting house in order: be sure to consult a lawyer or accountant to establish an agreement or contract that each sponsor will sign. You must agree on a sum of money that can be used as a down payment to reserve your “spot”.

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