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Sage Journal Contributor`s Publishing Agreement

/Sage Journal Contributor`s Publishing Agreement

Sage Journal Contributor`s Publishing Agreement

Please refer to the review filing policy to which you wish to submit. The full list of SAGE logs is posted here. 6. What if I have co-authors who contribute to this article? You must ensure that you have the consent of your co-authors to submit the publication article and that you have the right to sign the contribution agreement on their behalf. If they prefer, all authors can sign the agreement. Co-authors can either sign and return the same copy of the agreement, or each author can sign and return separate copies of the agreement. Each SAGE magazine has its own editorial and instructions for authors. To submit your article, visit the home page of your selected journal and click on the link to manuscript submission policies. See here the list of all our magazines.

10. Why do I have to compensate the Journal and SAGE? It is standard for all SAGE contributors to make certain guarantees for the Journal and the SAGE edition. This is simply because, as the author of the article, you are the only person who can assure us of the information mentioned in the guarantees, including that the article we publish is your own work and does not violate the rights of others. We have ensured that guarantees are limited to statements that are reasonably under your control as an author. The publisher and/or Russell Sage Foundation Publications may copy the article for clarity, brevity, precision, grammar, use of words and compliance style, as the publisher and/or The Russell Sage Foundation deems it appropriate for production and publication in the Journal. The contributor verifies the design of the copy as well as the supporting documentation of the contribution and indicates any proposed corrections or modifications and returns them in a timely manner to the Russell Sage Foundation, with the Russell Sage Foundation reserving the right to refuse any substantial changes to the text in the doors requested by the corresponding contributor or any changes requested depending on the production time. If the corrected evidence is not returned in time, Russell Sage Publications may continue to publish the article at its discretion. First online publication Many SAGE magazines offer First online. Online First allows online publication of final review articles (completed articles in the queue for an upcoming edition) online before being included in a final edition of the newspaper, which significantly shortens the time between filing and publishing.

For more information, please see our First Fact 15 online listing. Do I need to sign a contribution agreement when I publish my Open Access article in the SAGE Choice Scheme? If you choose to use your article in a magazine for the SAGE Choice program as an open, you must sign a wise publication agreement.

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