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Hotel Tie Up Agreement

/Hotel Tie Up Agreement

Hotel Tie Up Agreement

First Hotels and Thon Hotels have signed a cooperation agreement in Scandinavia. Thon Hotels and First Hotels together offer more than 120 hotels and 80 destinations in Scandinavia and Benelux. Does your company need a large number of overnight stays, conferences, meetings and events? So do not hesitate to contact our meeting service. Global brands are moving away from the franchisee model to management contracts and, in a few cases, full ownership of hotels. How to open a store in India? Review and renegotiation of enterprise contractsAnoy interesting question is what is the process of renegotiating agreements. In Frey hotels, they see operating contracts twice a year. The percentage agreement is in progress until further notice and the fixed contract prices are renegotiated annually. You regularly see how the agreements work. When they proceed with the renegotiation, Sara always makes personal contact with the client companies – preferably by phone to book a meeting, but also by e-mail or only by phone if they prefer – to dialogue among other things about reservations. Sara von Freys Hotels agrees with the importance of corporate clients.- “Corporate clients are very important to us, but we need a mix of clients to stay firm. We have been working with many of our contract clients for many years and we are very focused on building relationships,” Sara explains. För Freys Hotels är det därför extra viktigt med den personliga kontakten med företagskunderna, många är trogna ambassadörer som haft avtal sedan många år tillbaka. An important aspect that Anant pointed out at Nordic Choice Hotels was that, whether you`re a chain or an independent hotel, it`s easy to forget to think that what companies consider most relevant when buying is “location, location, location.”- “You buy first, then you decide on the product and price,” Anant said.

As a hotel, you need to identify potential guests who are in their own area. You can circle around your hotel to find out which potential guests want and should stay at the hotel. For example, if it`s a nearby factory, its subcontractors might want to stay at the hotel.- “First of all, ask yourself: who are the potential customers in my neighborhood? Often, we forget about the potential customers who are nearby. It`s important to have this perspective to attract business guests,” points out Anant.Er believes that an independent hotel, for example, should contact companies that have lived at the hotel at some point to find out if they want to have an agreement with the hotel.- “You can start there and it`s important to stay…

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