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Discharge By Settlement Agreement

/Discharge By Settlement Agreement

Discharge By Settlement Agreement

Final termination clauses are not always interpreted to the detriment of the employer. Thus, on 7 July 2013, in a fraud case, the Arnhem-Leeuwarden Court of Appeal ruled that the final debt relief clause could only be understood if the employer suspected that the worker was guilty of fraud at the time of the conclusion of the settlement agreement. In 2012, the High Court had to verify whether a dispute arising from the signing of a cancellation contract fell within the scope of the clause. The General Court found that whether a dispute fell within the scope of the final discharge depended on the reasonable importance that the parties reasonably attributed to the clause in the circumstances and the reasonable expectations of the parties. The purpose of the dispute is to withdraw the options of a deposit of securities, one year after the signing of the cancellation contract. .

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