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Credit Card Agreement Regulations

/Credit Card Agreement Regulations

Credit Card Agreement Regulations

In the case of a point-of-sale transaction using a hybrid prepaid credit card to source goods or services from a merchant and the transaction is paid for in part by funds from the asset function of the prepaid account and in part by credit from the covered separate credit function, the amount of the purchase transaction financed by the credit would generally be subject to the requirements of section 1026.12(c). The amount of the transaction financed by the prepaid account is not subject to the requirements of section 1026.12(c). For example, the placement of the warranty clause on a separate page or any other separation of the cover interest rate provisions from the other provisions of the contract and advertising. vi. A written statement signed by the cardholder or authorized user. For example, the creditor may insert a signature line on a settlement form that the cardholder can send for notification of the claim. However, a creditor may not require the cardholder to make, as part of an appropriate investigation, an affidavit or a signed statement under penalty of perjury. (ii) Multiple taxes based on a single event or transaction. A card issuer may not collect more than one fee for breach of the terms or other requirements of a credit card account under an open (uninsured) consumer credit plan based on an event or transaction. A card issuer may comply with this prohibition at its option by not taking more than one fee for violating the terms or other requirements of an account during a billing cycle. (a) definitions.

(1) University student credit card. The term “college student credit card,” as used in this section, is a credit card issued under a credit card account as part of an open (unsecured at home) consumer credit plan for each university student. 1. Quarterly submission obligation. . . .

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