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Amazing Lash Studio Membership Agreement

/Amazing Lash Studio Membership Agreement

Amazing Lash Studio Membership Agreement

“Sometimes poor quality eyelashes, but overall great” (in 43 reviews) If you decide to end your Amazing Lash Studio subscription this way, you need to find your local studio and contact it via your personal phone number. Ask if they can send you the withdrawal form to fill out. If they do, when you`re done filling it out, you`ll need to send them back by email. As mentioned above, you must co-register your cancellation in writing; The studio puts a form at your disposal. Some studios ask you to go in person to fill out the membership cancellation form, while others send you the form if you call or email and ask for it. The terms of termination of the Amazing Lash Studio subscription vary depending on the location of the franchise. We have contacted the amazing Lash Studio office and have been informed that members who wish to change or terminate their membership should contact their host studio. One of the studios we contacted informed us that its members can freeze their subscriptions for up to two months if they do not want to terminate permanently. Amazing Lash Studio rewards subscriptions to all of the company`s sites in the United States, but to terminate your membership, you must contact the original studio in which you initiated your membership. Some studios offer the possibility to send you the withdrawal form that you can fill out from home. If this is the case, you must return the completed form by mail.

To learn more, we contacted several amazing Lash Studios in the U.S. and found that all of them require a written notice of cancellation. As soon as the studio receives your written notification and terminates your membership, Amazing Lash Studio will no longer charge you a membership fee, and none of the offices we have contacted will charge you a cancellation fee. You don`t need an Amazing Lash Studio subscription to make an appointment. Membership gives you access to discounted prices for retail services and products; Membership options include Lash refill packages once or twice a month. Members still need to attend an appointment cancellation 24 hours in advance to avoid fees. “Simple, free eyelashes, sell member ships” (in 92 reviews) To cancel your Amazing Lash Studio subscription, you need to go to your home studio….

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